Do Your Vertical Blinds Look Unfinished

The best thing to do is to have the right size for your window. You need to make sure that everything is blending with the rest of the d?cor in a room and be within your budget. There are several different kinds that you can choose from, ranging from wood to cloth. You can find them from online retailers, interior designer shops, or home improvement stores.

Before you start looking for vertical blinds valance, you need to first measure your window, but remember to include the hardware box as well. Determine the width and depth. If you are looking to create an illusion of a window being wider than it is, then you need to make sure that the sizes are wider and bigger.

Standard room heights of 8 or 9ft usually need a valance which is deep enough to house the hardware box of the blinds, with a height of 8 or 12 inches. There are smaller sizes available if you are looking for a simple wrap for the vertical blinds hardware box. With rooms that have high ceilings of more than 9ft, it is recommended to purchase a longer valance of 24 inches. Having a longer one will create a look more balanced look.

Try not to pick a model which covers a large part of a window, as windows need to allow in the light. If you are losing light, then the valance is too long.

You can pick from fabric or stained wood

To determine which one is more suited for your room, think about the d?cor. A vertical blind valance needs to match the color and style of a room. Wood ones can be blended to existing architectural d?cor through woodwork, similar to molding. Also, they need to be painted to match any trim in a room.

You can also pick a wooden valance which does not come with a built in appearance. These come in various designs. Make sure to pick a wood finish which is the same as the other finishes within a room.

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