Measuring Advice for Fitting Vertical Blinds on Your Windows

Choosing your vertical blinds is one thing, but making installation measurements as well as some other important on-site decisions is a whole new story. In order to help you with the second aspect of your blind installation problems, the specialists of WPB Vertical Blinds have listed some things that you may need to consider. We hope that you will find them useful in your next blind replacement project!


Do some serious measurements before you get started. Measure  your windows a few times in a few different places.

Take your time to decide whether to place the blind within or outside the recess. Don’t forget to take your window handles into consideration, as they may affect the operation of the blind.

There shouldn’t be any obstacles around your window before beginning and replacement or installation of the vertical blinds. Obstacles may prevent your blinds from functioning correctly within your selected position.

Make allowances for the obstruction within your measurements. In other words, make the blinds narrower to suit the restricted width or locate the blind in a position that would miss items like phone sockets when operating the blind. If this is not possible, then you’d better consider mounting the blind outside the recess. The blinds should be wide enough to allow a good fixing position, and they should also not be too close to the outside edge of your windows.

When installing vertical blinds adjacent to one another, provide a small gap between each blind to make sure that it can be operated separately. In order to do this job, you may first need a ruler and some tape to make some measurements before you get started.

The process of installation:

  • Having decided the best position for the rail, drill and plug holes to fix the required number of brackets provided, depending on the required projection of the vanes.
  • Align the back top of the rail with the back of the clips, then rotate the rail so that the front snaps into place. This job may require a little pressure.
  • Grip the head of the vane and align the slot in the head with the clip. Press upwards and twist the vane slightly to open the clip.
  • Once the clip has “caught,” pull the vane down slightly to ensure that it has been firmly fixed.

If all this seems too complicated, contact our installation team in West Palm Beach, FL at (561) 203-6453, and we will instantly come to help you!