What Exactly Are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are a kind of covering for windows that offer privacy and controlled lighting. The opposite of cord horizontal slats blinds, vertical ones have veins which hang down from the top rail which house all the mechanical components. There are several benefits of using these kinds of blinds in addition to making an excellent covering for large windows.

One benefit to vertical blinds is that they can be custom-made to fit almost any size window. Typical mini-blinds come with a maximum width which will be enough. However, custom ordered ones will give you multiple choices with design and style.

They can be either fabric or vinyl. You can choose different textures and colors depending on the design of a room. Many of them are a neutral color on the side which overlooks the street, so even if you have different colors in every room, your house still comes with a uniform look from the exterior.

The other options with vertical blinds are, draw, stack or split. Split is an option, which means that they open in the middle or are drawn to the left or right. A center split is very similar to the way curtains open.

Stack means which side of the window blinds open to. Left stack is when all the veins are drawn to the left side and right stack is to the right. You can even choose to put the cord which controls the draw to be installed on the left or right side, depending on how a room is designed, and where the window is placed in the room.

Another choice is to have a remote control unit installed within the mechanics. This means that you don’t need to open the blinds or adjust them for lighting by hand, instead, it can be done using a remote control. However, this is quite expensive, but convenient at the same time.

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